What is BLS?

CPR training glovesBasic Life Support (BLS) is a type of care that medical professionals, first responders, and others in health and safety provide to patients experiencing a medical emergency such as cardiac arrest. The American Heart Association refers to it as “the foundation for saving lives after cardiac arrest.” Typically, BLS refers to Healthcare Provider level CPR, providing high quality resuscitation while maintaining a clear airway and offering circulation support. 

Who is trained in BLS?

doctor nurse dentist firefighterCPR certification is recommended for all Americans, but especially for those who work as coaches, personal trainers, teachers, and caretakers for children or the elderly. BLS, however, is a more targeted certification that is legally required for most healthcare providers. Doctors and nurses, being at the frontlines of most in-hospital medical emergencies, are certainly at the top of this list. This goes for paramedics, EMTs, medical assistants, and dentists as well. Outside of the medical field, firefighters and police officers also require training in Basic Life Support.

When should I be re-certified?

BLS certification is valid for two years. Those required must be sure to schedule a course and be renew their certification before it expires.BLS certification

Why is BLS training necessary?

BLS certification isn’t just a requirement, it’s a valuable procedure that saves lives. The National Academy of Medicine states that “200,000 cardiac arrests occur each year in hospitals, and 24 percent of those patients survive.” The application of high-quality BLS is paramount in a patient’s survival, so to improve your success in saving lives in emergencies, you need the best quality training. 

Where can I find BLS certification?

At Safety & Health Solutions, our instructors are some of the top medical professionals in their respective fields. We have faculty members from the American Heart Association who are experts in BLS/CPR training. And we offer both on-site courses in our state-of-the-art facilities, as well as training on-location at hospitals, medical facilities, and other workplaces. Whether you’re seeking BLS certification or re-certification for yourself or your whole staff, Safety & Health Solutions will provide you with the highest quality training, ensuring that your skills are sharp and your technique is effective.

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Be sure to check out our schedule to find an upcoming class that works for you. Or, call us at (404)380-1510 and we will set you up with the course you need for your medical staff. Remember to book before your two year BLS certification expires!Safety and Health