First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You are beginning a journey that is noble and much needed. We celebrate you for taking this big step. 

Secondly, we realize there’s a lot of things you need to do to prepare for your entrance into your program. Were you aware that one of those things is your Basic Life Support (BLS) training? Whether you are studying to be a doctor, nurse, medical assistant, dentist, paramedic, or EMT, you’ll need BLS training on your resume on your first day in the program. 

This may not be the only training you’ll need, and we provide several other courses for all your needs. But each profession for sure needs the BLS training. The best part is you can go ahead and knock it out now. Don’t wait until August when you’re putting together every last bit of paperwork. Take the time to look at our schedule of classes and plan for a class that you can take at your leisure. Many times we even group classes at Emory or various surgical facilities. Make sure you are following us on Facebook so you don’t miss any announcements. 

In addition to medical students, there are other professions that can benefit from early scheduling of your BLS training. Specifically, firefighters and police officers. Many times, you are first on the scene of a situation where BLS training is necessary to save a life. Firefighters are generally required to have this training as well as other “professional rescuer” certifications. Not all Police Officers are, however, and you should check your local state requirements. 

Now that you know what you need, it’s time to contact us. We can schedule a group class at any facility, or you can attend any of the course trainings that we already have scheduled. We’re excited to help you in this next step of your career, and we look forward to giving you the premium training we provide ourselves on.